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Dec 24

Three Tips for Healthier Holiday Partying by Katie Robles

Tis the season of holiday parties and truly fabulous food! We drool in anticipation with each invitation, but we also start to wonder what we’ll look like on the other side of the New Year. Here are three tips for a healthier holiday party season.

Feb 17

“Lose Weight, Get Fit & Change Your Life” by Carol L. Doyel

In my book I cover the four principles of M.O.V.E. as well as the importance of moving more, which is critical to overall vitality. The acronym M.O.V.E. is based on principals that most diet books, and programs do not include or cover. These are significant, yet simple principles that can help you succeed at not only losing weight and getting fit, but achieving any goals that you set your mind and heart to.