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Mar 01

MARCH 2017 Free Printable Calendar

If you are like most everyone these days, you can’t wait for spring! Here’s a fun calendar that you can download and print off or use it on your blog or website, or even set it as you wallpaper on your home computer. Be sure to let us know how you are using the March 2017 FREE printable calendar, and be sure to stop back for the April calendar, too. If you want to download the March 2017 free printable calendar to your computer, just right click on the image and “save as” a picture and you’re all set. Have fun as you celebrate the arrival of spring!

Feb 17

“Winter Snowdrops” by Rejetta Morse

As snow falls from the cloudy skies
the cold winter winds blow
as tiny snowdrops rest below
the soft blanket of snow.
Soon at the bright morning sunrise
cold waters start to flow
from snow that melts above the bulbs
that rest below the snow.
that rest below the snow.

Apr 08

Spring into Nature Giveaway sponsored by Katherine’s Corner

You are invited to enter to WIN! The Spring Into Nature Giveaway is sponsored by Katherine’s Corner and Simple Nature Decor.

Apr 12

“A Bouquet of Devotions” by Gloria Doty

Bouquet of Devotions contains 50 unique devotions for 50 common flowers. Each page contains information and history of the flower as well as some growing tips and suggestions. The 50 flowers are not seldom-heard-of varieties, but common plants familiar to most flower lovers. The words of the devotions are intertwined with the descriptions of the flowers and hopefully will encourage contemplation for the reader’s daily life.

Apr 04

“A Bouquet of Devotions” by Gloria Doty

As we begin each new day with the promise and hope of His love, and as spring brings the joys of new life, Gloria’s devotional book, “A Bouquet of Devotions,” will encourage your heart and inspire your spirit.

Mar 23

“FOR FAITH: Thank God for Springtime” by Carol Peterson

But today it is officially spring—not only here in Northern California but in the rest of the northern hemisphere as well. It’s a time when the world on this side of the equator renews itself. It’s a time when that physical renewal has a subtle power to encourage us to renew our spirits as well.

So here’s to springtime and the renewal it brings to us all. Thank you, Jesus for the beauty and variety you created when you created this world!

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What’s your favorite part of springtime?

May 07

Ruby for Women, May, 2012

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