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Feb 09

“So Many Voices” by Nina Newton

Are you listening to so many voices all around you that you can’t hear God’s voice? “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given …

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Oct 07

“Vacations: Mom vs. Family” by Beth Brubaker

Vacations. The family loves to take them, but the moms? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong- moms do love to go on vacation as much as the rest of the clan, but her idea of a vacation is much different than the husband and kiddos. Let’s use a typical, low-budget family vacation. Camping Family: …

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Aug 25

“Wisdom for Moms: Preparing Your Introverted Child” by Laura L. Zimmerman

By nature, I’m an extrovert. Even as small child, I never had a problem walking into a classroom and making friends. Summer camp? Piece of cake. I promptly chose my bed for the week and said goodbye to my parents before they could even get a look around.

Aug 19

“Put it on Mute” by Toni Samuels

When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. – Revelation 8:1 We live in a noisy age. Think about the variety of sounds blaring from the devices in our vehicles, homes and offices. Most of us are so uncomfortable with quiet that the moment we jump …

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Jul 15

“The Power of Loving Well” by Carol Doyel

God has been moving powerfully in me lately, stirring my heart, tenderly revealing deep things to me – sadly some of the things that He has revealed in me are not so good. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about condemnation – but in His loving-kindness, he has drawn me to repentance for …

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Jul 04

“Footprints in the Mud: Heart Band-Aids” by Beth Brubaker

  A car manufacturer is going to start installing an alert system in their vehicles to let the driver know if the driver left their child in the backseat. Sounds like a good idea- after all, parents who leave a child unattended in their vehicle has caused the death of many children. So when people …

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Jun 27

“Let Go and Let God” by Laura L. Zimmerman

This past week we said goodbye to my thirteen-year-old daughter as she left on a class trip for Boston. It was not only the furthest she’d ever been away from us – three hundred and seventy two miles, to be exact – but also for the longest period of time – four days. When we …

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Jun 22

“Be-YOU-tifully YOU-nique” by Mary Dolan Flaherty

Only you can do that. There is no competition to be the best you because no one else qualifies. The only competition is the one you set for yourself. Or against yourself.

Jun 20

“It Took a Five-year-Old” by Vicki Killion

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.   Proverbs 3:5-6 It was two days before his fifth birthday when we got him – our first foster child. We were as nervous as firs- time parents of …

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May 10

“Beauty from Pain” by Stacy Lee Flury

As parents of teens in crisis, all we see is pain.  That pain is evident through our teen’s struggles and hurts, through their mental illness, disorders, and addictions.  We also see that same pain directed towards us through the avenues of their behavior.   It is often very difficult to handle and we get emotionally and …

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Apr 26

“Giving our Time to God” by Erin Stephens

So there I was, sitting on my couch, on a Sunday evening, scrolling Facebook. You know, all comfy on the couch, feet up, my phone in my left hand and my right hand doing the scrolling motion. Then I just stopped and I deleted Facebook from my phone. Just. Like. That. I had talked about …

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Apr 22

“Moving On” by Heather C. King

He’s finding mercy in the mess, receiving restoration, learning from his mistakes, teaching others, and worshiping God for this salvation-gift.

Feb 05

“Mitzy and the Trouble with Bubbles” by Aaron Field

Mitzy’s first adventure. Mitzy and her little brother Mika learn that a few bubbles can go a long way.

Jan 11

“Desperate Parents” by Stacy Lee Flury

When you see your child hurting, you as the parent only want the pain to go away. Maybe you have tried other methods to help erase the deep agony that your child is in. Not finding the way to ease their pain, you take matters into your own hands. Desperation can so easily lead to a distorted approach in finding healing.

Nov 19

“God’s Answers to a Parent Who Feels Hopeless” by Stacy Flury

A teen in crisis is beyond overwhelming. You don’t even know where to start in getting help or if they can even be healed of their crisis. I can tell you that this is not true. In God’s eyes, He knows differently. He will be your Anchor in the midst of your storm. He has an answer.

Oct 01

“Saving Boo” by Stacy Lee Flury

If you have a teen or young adult caught up in a drug addiction, know that God is powerful through prayer to bring them home too. Don’t give up. Give in to God instead. He is the Anchor you need to hold on to as you pray for your child’s return.

Oct 01

“She Died Too Young” by Lynn Mosher

With yellow ringlets bobbing across her cheeks, Sarah bubbled through life as a beautiful and funny seven year-old girl. But unfortunately, she suffered greatly from a disease that was unjustly consuming her tiny body.

As Sarah lay in her hospital bed, unconscious, her mother begged the Lord to let her little girl live. Confused as to the condition afflicting her daughter, she cried out, “Why, Lord, why? No child should suffer like this.”

Sep 30

“Expect the Extraordinary” Podcast by Kathryn Ross

PODCAST Author and storyteller, Kathryn Ross, invites you to a cozy retreat through the power of His Story! God’s riches in history, the arts, and the glories of Creation, take center stage at The Writer’s Reverie Podcast.

Sep 28

“Are you a failure as a mom?” by Ifeoma Samuel

Get ready to get a bit uncomfortable! One mommy friend of mine drove by my house just the other day. We had quite a conversation. And BOOM! Like the clock had stopped ticking and the whole “time-concept” ceased to exist when she blurted out… “I think I am failing as a mom I am not good enough for my kids” Those words sliced through my heart. If you have you ever said or thought these, then you are not alone and this is for you.

Sep 10

“Is it Really the End of Your Story?” by Stacy Flury

When my teen’s issues were finally under control and healing was taking place, I felt a sigh of relief that it was finally over. The worry, the pain, the brokenness, and the crises that were displayed over and over again, were a thing of the past. I could close the book like the end of the story and move on with my life. However, God had other ideas. He may have even laughed while I pondered those thoughts sitting under the tree enjoying my Green Tea with honey.

Sep 10

“The Purpose of Purpose” by Beth Brubaker

At first, I knew my purpose. I was going to be a mom, and had certain things to do. Yes, I’m still a mom, but the tasks have changed since the kids are almost independent. I couldn’t figure out why I was swimming in an ocean of uncertainty, until one day it hit me – I had lost my sense of purpose. My kids don’t need me as much as they used to. My son is seventeen and my daughter is fourteen- and the diaper stage is over, thank You Jesus! Most of my job now is words of wisdom with a little head-swatting muscle to back it up – but that leaves me wondering what I’m supposed to do when these people leave the house.

Sep 09

“Passport 2 Purity” by Nichole Payton

My 14 year old teenage boy and I spent the weekend on an adventure to the Passport 2 Purity journey. Have you thought about a “journey” with your preteen-teen to discuss “life”?
I was excited to get started and curious about what my son would think. I sat with him prior to the adventure and informed him briefly about what this would entail.

Sep 03

“Standing in the Stream” by Ingrid Lochamire

But God showed me something important this week in my quest to figure out how to help, how to rescue, these sons walking a painful path. He impressed on me that perhaps the painful path is exactly where He wants them right now, that it’s part of the journey they need to take to get where He wants them to go — where I want them to go.

Aug 14

“My Son, The Literal Lawyer” by Beth Brubaker

I love my kids. I really do. But sometimes they can work a nerve so bad that even the most patient parents would lose it- and I am not one of those parents. This morning, my parental nerves got a workout they’ve never experienced before. Why?

Because my son is on his way to becoming thirteen, and he has Aspergers. This is not a good combination!

Jul 14

“Contagious Camp” by Alisha Ritchie

My daughter, Abby, was supposed to enjoy a week at camp filled with fun, fellowship with friends, and growing in God’s Word. Unfortunately, the week was cut short by an awful, extremely contagious stomach virus. Instead of playing volleyball and swimming, Abby developed a fever and spent much of her time throwing up! This was definitely not the way she wanted to spend summer vacation.

May 20

“Band-Aids Fix Everything” by Heather C. King

Maybe it wasn’t even the Band-Aid my kids needed; I know this. Perhaps it was the acknowledgement: I see you hurting. I’m tending to this need. I’m not going to leave you here aching alone, wounds sore, pain throbbing.

May 16

“A Parent’s Prayers” by Maxine Young

God closely listens to our prayers. A parent who prays fervently for his or her child is parenting through God’s hands. Please don’t be discouraged; don’t ever feel that God has not heard your prayer. You never know in which way He will work a situation out; God can do things that you can’t even fathom.

May 13

“Word Switcheroo” by Alisha Ritchie

I can dramatically change the way I view my circumstances and world around me. With God’s help, by simply switching one word in my internal thinking, I gain a whole new perspective on life and all that I’ve been given.

May 08

“The 11th Commandment for Weary Mamas” by Vintage Mama

As mamas, we try every day to get it “right.” We pray with our children, we sing to our children, we read to them and tuck them in at night. We teach them about Jesus, we make sure they are safe and they have a decent home, food, and clothing. We take them to the dr. when they are sick, and we sit by their bedside, praying silently as we listen to the agonized breathing of a child with croup, or or whimpering in the pain of an earache, or stomach ache, or cancer, or any number of other ailments that make a mama’s heart panic.

Apr 21

“Find your Flock” by Angie Hiskitt

God repeatedly places us in the midst of a ‘flock’. He puts us where He wants and needs us to be. What is your flock? A pastor’s flock is obvious, some are more obscure. Who are you around all day? Your family is definitely a flock. You may think ‘well, I made this decision without God, I got myself into this mess, it wasn’t God who put me here’ – hahahhahahahahhahaha! God is in everything, and He has a beautiful habit of making Satan’s work turn into His own work! Recognize where you are, recognize your work, and recognize your flock!

Apr 10

“Ready…Set…FIGHT!” by Beth Brubaker

I’ve noticed two things that will happen every time you have two beings in the same house- One, they will play together, and two, they will fight together. I have two cats and two kids- there is never a dull moment!

Mar 24

“Apologizing” by Heather King

There’s an art to apologizing. We’re still learning that art here at my house. The key ingredients I’m looking for: Honesty. Genuine repentance. True sorrow. I tell my kids, “You have to mean it.”

Mar 23

“Feminism” by Ruth O’Neil

Feminism. Now there’s a word I hate! That one word has taken everything God intended a woman to be and trampled it on the ground while shouting, “You can be something better!”

What can be better than what God intended? We are to submit to our husbands and take care of our children. Feminism distorts the act of submission.

Mar 18

“Runaway Radical” by Amy Hollingsworth and Jonathan Hollingsworth

Travel the world, change lives, save souls. (Note: Results not typical.)

A young idealist heeds the call to radical obedience, gives away all of his belongings and shaking off the fetters of a complacent life, travels halfway around the world. There he discovers, among the poor and the fatherless of West Africa, that he has only surrendered to a new kind of captivity.

Mar 17

“Children: Our Own Little Mirror” by Michael Morrison

I know it can be frustrating dealing with kids at times, especially in the midst of the Terrible-Twos, or the Tyrannical-Threes. Ephesians 6:4 states, “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”

With my actions and emotions, I am provoking my children to anger. I do not have the perfect answer to prevent this from occurring, but I know this must change. Taking deep breaths, counting to ten, walking away for a moment, praying, and know that God is in control. We must fight to raise our children up in a spiritual and Godly atmosphere.