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Mar 07

Where to Look for Writing Markets and MARCH Writing Prompt by Joan Leotta

My tagline (I am a writer and a story performer) is, Encouraging Words through Pen and Performance. As a writer for RUBY magazine, I pray that what I write, no matter the topic, will honor God, and serve you, the readers. I also hope that my writing will encourage others to write. Recently, I recommended RUBY as a place for a friend of mine to send her work. Imagine my delight when she told me that Nina had accepted her piece! This is one of the great joys of life, knowing that you have served another.

Feb 17

“Winter Snowdrops” by Rejetta Morse

As snow falls from the cloudy skies
the cold winter winds blow
as tiny snowdrops rest below
the soft blanket of snow.
Soon at the bright morning sunrise
cold waters start to flow
from snow that melts above the bulbs
that rest below the snow.
that rest below the snow.

Feb 09

“So Many Voices” by Nina Newton

Are you listening to so many voices all around you that you can’t hear God’s voice? “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given …

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Feb 03

“Intentional Love” by Mary Dolan Flaherty

February may as well be called the Love month. Valentine’s Day demands that we declare our love to our intended.

Then there’s President’s Day—which is, apparently, the best time to buy a mattress—and who doesn’t love a sale? If you live in a colder climate, the opportunity for snow days abounds. Kids love those. Moms, maybe not so much. I love so many things. Should I celebrate them all this month? I love my husband, but I also love ice cream. I love my children, but I have a few favorite television shows that I also love. Are they two different kinds of love?

Jan 11

“Songbirds in the Snow” by Rejetta Morse

Although the snow begins to fall with bright heavy flurries,
the cardinals lift up their heads and sing with no worries.
They cast all their deep fears aside – they trust God will provide.
As they shiver their soft feathers, the snow and strong winds blow.
They seek for shelter in the woods within the silent snow.
In birdhouses and trees they hide – they trust God will provide.

Dec 28

“Change” by Sarah Johnson

My shop was just closing when she shuffled in,
Pale, gray and hunched, frail, bent and thin.
Her sweatshirt was clean, but well-worn here and there
Her face pinched in pain, but with friendship to spare
I asked, “Can I help you?”
She answered, “Yes, please.”
Then reached for my hand and gave it a squeeze.

Dec 22

“The Stars Rejoice at the Savior’s Birth” by Rejetta Morse

Now that the birth of the savior is born to us on earth, the fiery stars gather with joy to celebrate his birth. The silver stars sparkle beneath the midnight velvet sky. “Rejoice – rejoice.” They shout and sing and gleam as they sing.

Dec 21

“The Christmas Blessing” by Sharmelle Olson

As you get into the spirit of Christmas what is it that you see off in a distance?
You may be able to praise God and witness the good and magnificent silence.
As we give our gifts here at Christmas time it is the time to think of giving not receiving,
Yes, it’s a time to receive gift too but give time to the Lord at the same time you are receiving.

Dec 21

“Within the Shadows” by Beth Brubaker

Santa, sleighs and colors bright, illuminate the dark of night, but do not glorify the plight of the baby in the shadows.

Dec 06

“Writing Contests!” by Joan Leotta

In some ways every time you send a piece of writing to a publisher/magazine you are in a contest with the hundreds of others submitting for the prize of publication. I look at it that way, carefully crafting my work to meet the needs of the readers of that publication and the parameters set out by the editors. After all, if the editors don’t like it, the piece will never reach those readers.

Nov 23

“Give Thanks through the Day” by Connie Arnold

At the start of another new day as the darkness slips away, this is a wonderful time to pray and give thanks for blessings coming your way.

Nov 15

“Harvest of Thanks” by Rejetta Morse

While brightness of the days weaken
the time to reap is near.
The earth begins to sigh and rest
because harvest is here.

Oct 26

“Country Auction” by Cynthia Knisley

Country Auction
(so that nothing is lost)
by Cynthia Knisley
Five, six, or seven, who will go eight?
A bargain a minute – don’t hesitate!
Lot 142, who wants this stand?
With a pot and a plan it would really look grand.

Oct 14

“Fall Wanders Away” by Rejetta Morse

As fall now wanders far away,
the waterfalls tumble and roar,
pushing through the mountain top
beneath the skies each day.
Around the falls, the bare trees stand,
and spread their leaves over the land.

Oct 10

Now accepting submissions for NOVEMBER 2016 RUBY magazine

It’s time to send in your submissions for the NOVEMBER 2016 issue of RUBY magazine!

Aug 22

“Salad in the Mailbox” by Norma C. Mezoe

                      At the age of 45, I was forced to find employment after my husband left me. I had never worked outside of my home, but God opened doors only He could have opened. Within three weeks, I was employed at a nonprofit organization. I …

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Aug 19

“Put it on Mute” by Toni Samuels

When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. – Revelation 8:1 We live in a noisy age. Think about the variety of sounds blaring from the devices in our vehicles, homes and offices. Most of us are so uncomfortable with quiet that the moment we jump …

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Aug 12

“ENVY” by Cyndie Randall

I am so envious.  I’m envious of people with really good teeth. Especially when they’ve never seen an orthodontist and they drink liters of black coffee between donut-chewing and not flossing. They do all this while smiling, by the way. I’m envious of women who OWN that two-piece swimsuit even after their bodies have sagged and settled. …

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Aug 08

“Solitude” by Kathy McCauley

The person called to solitude is a rare soul. Identifying this hunger or need in one’s soul is difficult. The hunger for solitude is sometimes disguised as restlessness — taking us the wrong direction. The one who is called to solitude is purely content with their thoughts, prayers, and presence with God. There is no …

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Jul 27

“Extremes We Share” by Kathleen McCauley

A Post from the Ruby Prayer Corner The ocean is a mystery. Its quiet majestic power is often times disguised. Instead it sends off a message of calm, serenity with the constant movement of its waves. The ocean is a paradox of extremes which is brought about by its depth and currents. I am a …

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Mar 24

“On That Day” by Nells Wasilewski

On that day,
an agonized cry
came from the cross–
A veil as dark as sin
covered the sun
and cast three crosses
in shadow.

Dec 02

“Clock” by Keith Wallis

This clock makes no sound
as its moments take flight
but blows away the years
to another time.

Sep 11

“Stolen from the Rain” by Keith Wallis

Stolen from the rain
the sweet pea perfects a tear
from the unfolds
of a regally purple
wingèd leaf.

Sep 03

“Nothing Between” by Kelly Bowden

Job 11:13-15 “If you want to set your heart right, then pray to Him. If you’re holding on to sin, put it far away, and don’t let injustice live in your tent. Then you will be able to show your face without being ashamed, and you will be secure and unafraid.”– God’s Word translation

Aug 08

“God Alone is All” by Kelly Bowden

I’ve been lost and I’ve been broken
My words have been mis-spoken
But the truth will always be the same
So only this one thing may remain
That some may come and go from this place
But to see Your glory is to see your face

Jul 20

“Windowlight” by Keith Wallis

Tomorrow looks in on yesterday
as daylight glimpses within,
its torchlight perusing history,
a visitor unshod and silent
in the stone clad room.
And in its rays
pinpricks of glitter-dust
firefly the room,
the minutiae of ghosts.

~ by Keith Wallis

Jun 28

“It has gone” by Keith Wallis

It has gone, the flowing moment, crashing beyond our gleaning. Tumbled white-water; the turbulent tumult and torment, the urgent tyranny of the passing instant.

Jun 26

“Come to our Lord” by Miriam Jacob

Come to our Lord
to taste the purity of love
where hope burns brightly,
miracles are born, and faith lives.

May 18

“The Forbidden” by Keith Wallis

I’m banished beyond the boundary of love; the portrait behind glass prison cell that contains and celebrates, that separates and magnifies, and you become an icon.

May 04

“Focus on Jesus” by Kelly Bowden

Why can’t this be removed from my mind
Just take it away…push rewind
I don’t need a thing in this world to have breath
All I need is Christ who saves me from death
Lesson to focus on Jesus and to trust not in this world
Press into Holy Spirit, and fight with the sword
Pass by the lonely and feel the pull
Pray for them till they too are full
Not be focused upon my circumstances
But have concern for those who do not know what God’s plan is

Apr 22

“Another way in” by Keith Wallis

Another way in,
the lesser way,
the way ‘less travelled’.
The door to utility,
by constant use,

Apr 22

“Devotions from the Garden” by Miriam Drennan

God sows His seeds of divine love and goodness in you to help you to blossom and flourish as a Spirit-filled Christian. God is a loving God of mercy, grace, and forgiveness. He plants hope where there is pain, love where there is bitterness, dreams where there is brokenness. Our Lord will grow and produce fruit in you in His name and for His glory.

Apr 17

“The Holy Spirit is Calling You” by Kelly Bowden

Feel the tug on your heart, a nudging that it is true
The Holy Spirit is calling you
Set aside everything, you know He’s leading
He draws closer the more you are seeking

Apr 10

“The Reason” by Miranda Hanchar

When he was on the cross,
He thought of you,
To destroy each sin you did
He took it upon himself,
He died that day.
But after three days,
Jesus stood, in front of many disciples
And He is alive today!
He wants you to know he loves you,
He came for that reason!

Apr 08

“Grace Calls My Name” by Keith Wallis

Grace calls my name
my name scratched in nail
upon His hand
my life – a page in a holy book.

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