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April 2017: March 15, 2017

May 2017: April 15, 2017

June 2017: May 15, 2017

Please submit before deadline – the earlier the better!

Who We Are

At RUBY magazine, we offer words of hope, inspiration, and encouragement to women everywhere. God has given a story to each one of us, and in the RUBY community,  we seek to hear the true and authentic voice of every Christian woman. We hope you will share your story with us! Read the current issue of the Ruby for Women magazine HERE so you can see some of the articles that are included in our magazine. Please read the issue first before submitting.


Submission Timing and Themes

Themes for upcoming issues are listed below. We accept articles all year long, but please note articles for each season / issue should be submitted no later than the date listed prior to publication.


What We’re Looking For All Year (any issue)

We’re looking for articles between 250-1000 words covering a variety of topics (listed below) for all issues:

Inspirational pieces




Frugal living

Tips and Tricks



Children’s stories

Childhood memories



Women’s fellowship (Bible study, encouragement, short devotional readings)

History of Hymns

Sewing and quilting tutorials




Children’s book reviews

Building strong family relationships

Marriage encouragement

Moms supporting each other

Parenting advice

Kid party ideas

Photographs *(see below)

*Photographs we’d like are landscapes, animals, insects, flowers, scenic; people must not be posing- only a candid look at family life. Any photos submitted will go into Ruby for Women stock photos to be used in the magazine at any time. You retain all rights to your photos after the magazine is published. Photos must NOT be from a site that sells photos and images. Legally free photos and images that are not yours must come with a link to credit to the site you copied it from.

For more detailed information about what we need for submissions, please visit the Ruby Writers Facebook page.



Winter crafts

Winter recipes

Winter family activities (indoor and out)

Beating the winter blues

Valentine’s Day



Easter articles

Easter crafts



Spring crafts

Spring recipes

Fun family activities

Children’s crafts

Vacation planning

Spring cleaning

Spring party ideas



Family vacations


Summer gardening

Summer crafts

Summer recipes

Summer home decor ideas

Fun family summer activities


How to create and maintain new fall schedules (kids and adults)

How to save while shopping for school

Summer party ideas

Words of encouragement for first time students (kids and adults)


Labor Day

Grandparents day

First day of school

Budgeting for the new school year

How to schedule family time in the midst of school and work time

How to deal with homework

Lunch box and snack ideas

Problem solving (work or school)

Making new friends at school

Fall cleaning

Fall crafts

Fall craft fairs (write about your experience)

Fall family activities

Fall party ideas

Fall recipes

Columbus Day

Gearing up for the holidays

Fall home decorating tips

Preparing for winter

Fall gardening-prep for winter

Getting your home ‘winterized’


NOVEMBER or DECEMBER (Thanksgiving and Christmas)

Holiday crafts

Thanksgiving memories

Christmas memories

Holiday recipes

Holiday traditions

Holiday family activities

Gingerbread houses

These themes are just suggestions. If you have an idea you’d like to submit, please do!



Please follow the guidelines below.



  • First time submitters, please include a brief bio (a few sentences about you and your writing) along with a head shot photo and any links to your own blog sites, web sites, home businesses, etc. in the body of the email.
  • Send submissions in Microsoft Word formatting
  • Submissions should be in Arial 12 pt. text, single spaced.
  • Title and byline should be centered at the top of the submission in two lines


Title of Submission

by Ruby Writer

  • Submissions should be in an email attachment as text only.
  • We love photos that go with your articles! Photos should be submitted as JPEG or Bitmap formats in the body of the email– not as an attachment.
  • Any submission emailed must have Ruby (the seasonal issue) (the year) submission in the subject line.


Ruby Summer 2017 submission

  • If accepted, please put a link to Ruby for Women on your website and/or blog for 8-12 weeks.
  • Please submit your articles to



Ruby for Women does not currently offer payment for articles; however, we are committed to using every outlet available to promote submissions and get them out in front of readers. We do not hold any rights over submitted articles and encourage authors to re-post and submit articles in other places once published. We will do our best to read and review all submissions; however, due to editorial needs we may not be able to include all submissions in Ruby for Women.

*NOTE- accepted writers will be put onto our mailing list for updates and Ruby for Women news. If you do not wish to be on this list, simply unsubscribe in the sent email.

For updates and Information:

Please visit our Ruby Writers FB page for our immediate needs and updates!


We will do our best to read and review all submissions; however, due to editorial needs we may not be able to include all submissions in RUBY magazine.

Beth BrubakerWe look forward to hearing from you and reading your work!


Beth Brubaker

Assistant Editor

Ruby for Women





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  1. Sarah Dale

    I have submitted :). Thank you for the opportunity.

  2. Jeanne Doyon

    Wonderful opportunity. I have shared this with my New England writers at our facebook page. And, I would love to consider contributing.


  3. ruby campos

    Thank you for your ministry here Nina. This is a wonderful opportunity for women to express their ideas so other women can be inspired too and live joyful lives.

  4. Miranda

    I replied to the e-mail you sent me Nina, I’m not sure if you got it or not… :/

    Let me if you got it.

    1. Nina

      Thanks for checking in Miranda – I’m working on the blog schedule for December this morning and will get it out to you soon. I replied to your email so hopefully we’re on the same page with our blogger projects.

      1. Miranda

        I got your E-Mail. :D

  5. Karen @ Sugartown Sweets

    I replied by email to a message on my blog requesting to feature my “Turkey in the Straw” edible craft. Just in case I was supposed to reply here, I’m including a link to my craft. Thank you so much!

    1. Nina

      Thanks for contacting us! We received your email and our Admin. Assistant, Karen, will be in touch soon to work out the details. Looking forward to sharing your craft project with our readers! Nina

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