Carol’s Book Club

Carols Book Club

Ruby for Women is partnering with Carol Peterson, author, on a new project. Carol’s Book Club will feature monthly book reviews and offer opportunities for you to read along and share your thoughts of each book that is featured.

You can also read some of Carol’s book reviews in each issue of the Ruby for Women magazine for more information about books that she recommends. We hope you will join in on our reading club community and share your thoughts about the books we are reading, and also share your suggestions for books you would recommend for future book reviews for the Ruby magazine.

Here are the current books for Carol’s Book Club:

Show Love by Daphne Tarango REVIEW by Carol Peterson

Show Some Love: How to Be a Friend to Someone in Recovery
by Daphne E. Tarango
Comfort Station Publications (December 19, 2014)

Many of us have loved ones who are hurting. There are processes and organizations that help people in their own recovery. But what tangible things can a person do to help someone else in that recovery? That question is the basis of Daphne E. Tarango’s book, Show Some Love: How to be a Friend to Someone in Recovery.

Christian author, Tarango shares personal stories of people in various stages of healing, recovering from divorce, smoking, alcohol, drugs and physical and emotional abuse and presents suggestions from them as to what family and friends did during the recovery process that were most helpful (and most hurtful).

Tarango divides the book into four sections:

Looking up: Understanding a person’s need to allow Jesus to be part of the recovery process and how to encourage that faith.

Looking in: This is the process of understanding the recovery process and accepting responsibility, of taking an inventory of one’s past life, addressing hurts and habits and making amends to others. She offers suggestions to support and encourage a person as she proceeds through that process.

Looking out: This step involves helping the person act on what they’ve learned in order to maintain recovery. It is important to understand the need to encourage a person without bringing up past mistakes while continuing to keep the recovering person accountable.

Loving Yourself: Making sure you set boundaries to protect yourself while not enabling the recovering person to fall away from recovery. Recognizing that your renewed trust may take time to develop.
Each chapter explains the stages of recovery and contains suggestions to help your recovering loved one. Each chapter also contains a prayer for that person based on the stage of recovery they are going through and includes guided questions to assess the help you are giving.

There are many fine books written about the recovery process to help a person in recovery. What makes this book different is its focus. Tarango clearly shares how we can begin to understand what our hurting loved ones are going through. Then she takes the further step and provides practical ideas on how to help them as they move into and maintain recovery.

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Ruby Blogger Team Carol Peterson

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Check out some of the other featured books from Carol’s Book Club:


Daughter of Joy Book Review by Carol Peterson

Daughter of Joy by Kathleen Morgan

When I read Daughter of Joy, my thinking was that I’d do a little book review for my readers here. And, in fact, I enjoyed reading this book very much.

But what I loved most about this book was one little line from smack-dab in the middle of the story.

Abigail Stanton, the heroine in this first book of the Brides of Culdee Creek series by Kathleen Morgan, recently lost both her husband and her young son.

She struggles to maintain her independence—and her faith—in the hard life of the 1800′s Colorado highlands.

At one point, Abigail suffers through a succession of crises. The notion of being born again suddenly takes on new meaning for her.

Yes, she was born again when she accepted Jesus, she says, but she comes to realize that the phrase has another meaning in her life.

Every time Jesus brings us through a crisis or a trial, Abagail realizes we have a new opportunity to be reborn in Him. We have an opportunity to start over again with our new understanding and our new ability learned through our deepened faith in Christ.

When I read through that chapter in the book, I set down my Kindle and processed it for a few minutes.

I nodded and smiled because, although God doesn’t give us do-overs, He does give us second, third and fifty-third chances—opportunities to do things differently or better; chances to be reborn in our understanding again. And again. And again.

Thank you, Jesus, for that. And congratulations to Kathleen Morgan on a nice series.

Daughter of Joy is now available from Ruby’s Reading Corner.


Florian's Gate book review by Carol Peterson

Florian’s Gate by Davis Bunn

Florian’s Gate is a story of international intrigue and how circumstances continue to affect generations after they initially occurred.

The book takes us into one family’s history and international antiquity business as our main character, Jeffrey Sinclair begins working with his reclusive uncle, buying and selling high end antiques.

As Sinclair learns more about antiques, his uncle relinquishes more business control to him and reveals more about the sources of the exquisite antiques he purchases.

Through that, we readers learn about the suffering during World War II and how lives that were affected then continue to suffer to this day.

We also learn how God has been at work through it all. We get to watch Jeffrey Sinclair grow in his faith as he also grows in his knowledge of antiques and his understanding of his uncle’s life.

Florian’s Gate is now available from Ruby’s Reading Corner.

Both of these books were unanimous thumbs-up for our book club. Have you read either of them? Will you? Join our book club and then share with us what you think.


  1. Joan Leotta

    I have a children’s book that I would love to have reviewed and a book of short stories I would love to propose for this segment.
    Thank you

    1. Nina

      Hi Joan – thanks for stopping by. We will be in touch about doing a review of your children’s book for the January issue of Ruby and we can include it here at Carol’s Book Club as well. Have a great Thanksgiving! Nina

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