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One of our favorite authors, Carol Peterson, has written several Bible study books on women in the Bible. One of her Bible studies is on the Book of Esther, and she is graciously sharing those lessons with us in the coming weeks. We would love to include you in our weekly Bible study lessons! Please visit our Bible study group for weekly lessons.  A new lesson will be available every Monday for the next 27 weeks.

A Note about Esther

The Book of Esther refers to the Queen both as Esther (her Persian name) and Hadassah (her Hebrew name). It refers to the King as both King Xerxes (as the Greeks knew him) and King Ahasuerus (his Persian name). In order to avoid confusion and simplify discussion during this study, I use the more commonly recognized and more easily pronounced names of Esther and Xerxes.

For the next 28 Lessons, we will look specifically at the life of Queen Esther. Each lesson will explore one character trait or circumstance of Esther’s life. Then we will examine: How can we live our lives like she did? How can our lives reflect what she has to teach us? How might God see us as His women of faith today in a way that reflects how He saw Queen Esther 4,000 years ago?

This is Esther’s story. But when we learn the lessons taught us by this young Jewish woman from ages past, we can say, “I am like Esther. I understand her life. I can live my life like she did. In a sense, with faith like hers, I am Esther.”

Although this book is intended to be an individual daily study, it can also be used effectively as a group study.  Simply divide each weekly discussion at the sections—discuss one section each week. Add Lesson 1 in with the first week; add Lesson 28 in with the final week. Some weeks will have fewer lessons than others, but none will require more than one reading per lesson. Additional study helps are available for this series at

Ruby Blogger Team Carol Peterson

Carol Peterson, Author, is a member of the Ruby Blogger Team, and a regular contributor to the Ruby for Women magazine where she writes book reviews in every issue. You can connect with Carol and learn more about her Bible study books on her blog at

CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 1: Becoming Esther


CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 3: I am an Exile in a Foreign Land

CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 4: I was not born royal, but I have been made noble

CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 5: I am the Bride of the King





CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 10: I Seek God’s Guidance


Lesson 10: I Seek God’s Guidance

One of the very first times I knew God was answering my prayers had to do with me giving up control to Him. My husband and I had entered the time of parenting teens—when they are stretching, pulling back and trying to find their way in independence. Old forms of parenting no longer worked. Offered …

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Lesson 1: Becoming Esther

CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE BOOK OF ESTHER I love the Book of Esther. Growing up, I heard the Bible stories just like you did. I knew who Noah was; what was Moses’ claim to fame. I could even name the 12 disciples. But what I just didn’t get out of the characters preserved …

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Lesson 2: I am an orphan

CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE BOOK OF ESTHER Another of my favorite childhood books was Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden. It is the story of Mary Lennox, a young orphaned girl sent to live with her uncle. It is also the story of her crippled cousin, a virtual orphan, having lost his mother …

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Lesson 3: I am an Exile in a Foreign Land

(Edit Page) CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE BOOK OF ESTHER   On my first major travel outside the US, my husband and I hit the capital cities of Europe. Five countries in eight days. You can imagine. Some days we felt overwhelmed. So much to see. So much that felt alien and unknown. Outside …

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Lesson 4: I Was Not Born Royal, But I have Been Made Noble

CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE BOOK OF ESTHER   When I was nine years old, I started saving my money for something special. I had seen it one day while shopping with my mother at the department store. One glance and I knew I had to make it my own. Nearly a year later, …

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Lesson 5: I am the Bride of the King

My last name is Peterson. That’s a Norwegian name. But with dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin, I don’t look Norwegian. Because the only part of me that is Norwegian is my name. I got that by marrying my blond, blue-eyed Norwegian-blooded husband. Esther was born with a Jewish name: Hadassah. When she married …

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Lesson 7: I Care for My Body

When I was 29, it was easier for me to understand God made me beautiful. The year I turned 60, I stopped calling myself “middle aged”; It’s not likely I’ll live another 60 years here on this earth. I’m no longer in the “middle” of life; but am now firmly ensconced in the end part. …

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Lesson 8: I am Pure

Pure: spotless; stainless; free from what weakens or pollutes; free from moral fault or guilt; marked by chastity  God’s plan for women is for us to be virgins until we are joined to one man in marriage. That’s His wish because the Creator of the universe knows it is best for us. Unfortunately we sometimes …

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Lesson 9—I am Obedient

One of the most loved Scriptures of all time is Psalm 23: The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the …

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Lesson 6: I am Beautiful

Remember my tiara? It made me feel beautiful. God has filled this world with beauty. And we are one of the most beautiful things He has created. God placed in a woman’s heart the desire to be beautiful and for others to recognize that beauty. Sometimes we don’t want to admit how much we crave …

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