Feb 16

“Footprints in the Mud: Microwave Mentality vs. a Simmered Soul” by Beth Brubaker

Life goes too fast.

We get caught in the fast lane of life, taking bits and pieces of God’s Word as we rush by, barely able to taste the goodness given before we zip off to the next task.

It’s so easy to follow in the wake of others in the fast lane.

Have you ever been in one of those above-ground pools and tried to make a ‘whirlpool’ by getting everyone to run/swim in the same direction?

It’s really easy to follow the flow, but try to walk against the whirlpool or slow down? It takes a lot of effort and is almost impossible.

Another example is instant rice. Great for on-the-go eating, but try to make a risotto with it, and all you’ll get is mush. Why? Because you need to simmer the rice slowly as you stir, stir, stir.

You have to simmer the rice as it absorbs the liquid. Instant rice just can’t take that kind of abuse, and dissolves entirely when you try.

Unfortunately, these analogies are also accurate concerning faith in God.

Microwave moments are fine as long as we also have a simmered soul to outlast the busyness.

What is a simmered soul? It’s when you make the time to get to know God in deep prayer, pausing for a minute or three to listen, digging deep into His Word, and discussing scripture when fellowshipping.

Sometimes you need to be chin-deep in His soothing waters before you feel your soul relax.

We can’t do that if we’re too busy to read!

Don’t get me wrong, grabbing God’s blessings here and there is great when we can do it, but it shouldn’t be the only thing keeping us afloat.

I love my prayer droplet moments; those times when I’m too busy to blink, but manage to slip in a prayer here, read a daily verse there, or bless a friend (or they bless me!) with a scripture told in passing or on the phone.

That’s good.

But to make the time to bask in His blessings, to fully understand a verse that had perplexed me, or to have a really great God-talk with a friend? That’s like slipping into a warm, scented bathtub after a really long day. Aaaah.

Much better than a quick shower!

Life can be like instant rice. However we should strive to be more like the risotto- it might take longer, but the spiritual results (and a simmered soul) are worth it!

I know it’s hard. I’ve been there. Sometimes I fall back into the whirlpool and have to swim my way out of it again. That’s why I’m saying make the time, not find the time.

For someone who’s busy (especially us moms!), there is no time to find- we have to put it on our lists or schedule it in somewhere, otherwise it won’t get done.

Microwave moments happen. Just don’t forget to simmer your soul deep within His Word when you can. God loves it when you spend time with Him!

Beth Brubaker, Assistant Editor of RUBY magazine is a humorist poet and songwriter, and her day jobs include homemaking, writing, and paper and fabric arts. Beth’s passion is the written word, and is developing ways of sharing her brand of humor with the world through poems, songs and stories. Don’t miss Beth’s columns and puzzles in every issue of Ruby for Women! You can read Beth’s posts on her blog Footprints in the Mud at http://footprintsinthemudblog.blogspot.com or email her at bethatruby@aol.com.

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  1. Donna B. Comeaux

    Beth, I love this! Just love it. The analogies are perfect!! Will be passing this on.

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