Jan 10

“When God Upsets the Apple Cart” by Beth Brubaker

Your apple cart is filled with a bounty of blessings. Good stuff is happening in your life and things are running as smoothly as they possibly can.

Family life is good, work life is good, and your social life is good. All is well with you, God, and the world.

Then God upsets your apple cart, spilling all of your shiny, fresh apples all over the road. “Why did God do that” you wonder. Everything was going so well!

Then you notice within the mess, that some apples weren’t so shiny after all.

In fact, there are more than a few rotten ones at the bottom of the cart that you never noticed before.

And if you know anything about apples, one rotten apple doesn’t need a lot of time to ruin an entire bushel of apples; but you were only looking at the shiny ones on the top of the pile and never dug deeper into the cart.

God had to tip the cart for you to show the sin that might have ruined an entire crop of blessings.

So when things are running smoothly and then everything seems to go higgledy-piggledy, God’s probably trying to tell you something!

When this happens to me, I usually glare up at God, wondering if He’s lost His mind.

There are very few moments when everything runs smoothly, so when He dumps apples all over my nice, ordered life, I tend to get a little feisty.

You tip the cart, and I have to clean it up? Really, God?

It’s only when I roll up my sleeves and start working on the problems that I notice the heart issues that might have lead me down a road other than God’s path – at least it would have if things continued running smoothly.

Upset apple carts happen enough now that when it does happen, I know a life lesson is just around the corner.

I used to dread it. Things are going so well, I’d tell myself. I wonder when God is going to drop the other shoe. But doing that only stole the joy I would’ve experienced in those few-and-far-between smooth-running moments.

Now I know to enjoy those moments when I can, looking deeper into the cart before God does so those good moments can last longer.

Asking God to show me my heart issues beforehand helps to keep things running smoothly for a little while. He likes it when I ask before He needs to tip over my cart.

Besides, I’m not a big fan of cleaning apple goop from my shoes all the time. It’s better to ask than wait for Him to give me a hint.

When your cart gets tipped over, remember it’s for a good reason. God doesn’t do things for the heck of it – He’s always showing us new ways to grow, learn, and glorify Him.

He wants us to get rid of the bad fruit in our lives so we can enjoy the sweet taste of His blessings!

Beth Brubaker, Assistant Editor is a humorist poet and songwriter, and her day jobs include homemaking, writing, and paper and fabric arts. Beth’s passion is the written word, and is developing ways of sharing her brand of humor with the world through poems, songs and stories. Don’t miss Beth’s columns and puzzles in every issue of Ruby for Women! You can read Beth’s posts on her blog Footprints in the Mud at http://footprintsinthemudblog.blogspot.com or email her at bethatruby@aol.com

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