Dec 22

“The Stars Rejoice at the Savior’s Birth” by Rejetta Morse


Now that the birth of the savior

is born to us on earth,

the fiery stars gather with joy

to celebrate his birth.

The silver stars sparkle beneath

the midnight velvet sky.

“Rejoice – rejoice.”

They shout and sing

and gleam as they sing.

And while the silent earth now sleeps

with thousands of bright eyes

they watch the shepherds and wise men

below the starry skies

as the bright Star of Bethlehem leads

to the newborn king.

“Rejoice – rejoice.”

They shout and sing

with flashes as they sing.

When wise men enter the stable

with joy – they bow with praise,

with gifts of gold at the manger

beside him where he lays

with lemony incense they give

to Christ – the newborn king.

“Rejoice – rejoice.”

They shout and sing

and glisten as they sing.

The fiery red and golden stars

sparkle throughout the night.

The sky-blue and the green stars glow

with rays and beams so bright

as they reflect his glory that

shines from the newborn king.

“Rejoice –  rejoice.”

They shout and sing,

and dazzle as they sing.

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger. Luke 2:7

Rejetta Morse enjoys writing poetry so she can write about God and how He speaks through nature. Writing poetry is a new found purpose and hobby she discovered over recent years which brings her joy, peace, and encouragement. She also enjoys reading poetry and is working to learn more about the craft of poetry. She spends her free time singing with her church choir and listening to gospel music, watching biographical movies, and encouraging other people. She is a regular contributor to RUBY magazine.


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