Dec 27

FREE printable January 2017 Calendar

Every month as I am creating the RUBY magazine document and preparing it for print, one of the things I love to include is a printable calendar. There are so many amazing calendars out here that you can print off and use in your day timer, or use for your desktop wallpaper, or even upload them to your phone or other mobile device. And even though I’ve been doing a magazine, both digital and in print for a really long time, I guess it never occurred to me that I could make my own calendar pages!

Fortunately I’ve had many generous bloggers who have freely shared their calendars with our readers at RUBY magazine, but on this snowy, blowing, and soon-to-be icy afternoon, I thought it would be fun to try to create my own calendar for January. With all of the free images available on the internet (www.pixabay.com) you don’t even have to be an artist to get started! And with the free photo editing programs available, you can create lots of fun designs using all kinds of artistic fonts . . . . in case you haven’t yet learned how to do calligraphy or other artistic penmanship styles.

As I was searching for a header for my new and remodeled blog at Vintage Mama’s Cottage, I discovered this striking yet subtle image of red winter berries with ice and snow, on a background of a snow covered branch. I fell in love with it and turned it into my winter banner, and then decided, since I like the image so much, that I would make it into a January calendar, too.

So here it is . . . . and if you would like to download it for your desktop or your day timer or your new 2017 art journal calendar (you are making one of those, aren’t you???), it’s here FREE for you to use. Stop back soon, because now that I’ve started this project, I’m sure I’ll want to continue for every month of the new year. And if I get really ambitious, I’ll make the calendars available in the right sizes for your desktop wallpaper as well as your phone or other mobile device.


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