May 24

Bible Study: Book of Esther


One of our favorite authors, Carol Peterson, has written several Bible study books on women in the Bible. One of her Bible studies is on the Book of Esther, and she is graciously sharing those lessons with us in the coming weeks. We would love to include you in our weekly Bible study lessons! Please visit our Bible study group for weekly lessons.  A new lesson will be available every Monday for the next 27 weeks.


A Note about Esther

The Book of Esther refers to the Queen both as Esther (her Persian name) and Hadassah (her Hebrew name). It refers to the King as both King Xerxes (as the Greeks knew him) and King Ahasuerus (his Persian name). In order to avoid confusion and simplify discussion during this study, I use the more commonly recognized and more easily pronounced names of Esther and Xerxes.

For the next 28 Lessons, we will look specifically at the life of Queen Esther. Each lesson will explore one character trait or circumstance of Esther’s life. Then we will examine: How can we live our lives like she did? How can our lives reflect what she has to teach us? How might God see us as His women of faith today in a way that reflects how He saw Queen Esther 4,000 years ago?

This is Esther’s story. But when we learn the lessons taught us by this young Jewish woman from ages past, we can say, “I am like Esther. I understand her life. I can live my life like she did. In a sense, with faith like hers, I am Esther.”

Although this book is intended to be an individual daily study, it can also be used effectively as a group study.  Simply divide each weekly discussion at the sections—discuss one section each week. Add Lesson 1 in with the first week; add Lesson 28 in with the final week. Some weeks will have fewer lessons than others, but none will require more than one reading per lesson. Additional study helps are available for this series at www.HonorBoundBooks.com

Ruby Blogger Team Carol Peterson

Carol Peterson, Author, is a member of the Ruby Blogger Team, and a regular contributor to the Ruby for Women magazine where she writes book reviews in every issue. You can connect with Carol and learn more about her Bible study books on her blog at http://www.carolpetersonauthor.com


CLICK HERE FOR LESSON 1: Becoming Esther

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