Aug 02

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Congratulations Nina Knox of Over 50 and Happy!

Here is a post from Nina’s blog: Bored and Lonely?



THIS IS NOT ME!  I can’t even remember the last time I ever felt Bored or Lonely.  I’m sure there were times when I was younger, but not a particular occasion that sticks out in my mind.   I can assume that as a teenager I probably had times of being bored.  The definition of me being bored would just be a matter of being tired of whatever I was doing at the moment and looking for a new exciting thing to take it’s place.  And I would always find some new interest rather quickly, so my rare moments of “boredom” never lasted long.

As a young mother I was way too busy to be bored.  Now as a relatively young grandmother, I have so many interests and hobbies that I can say with absolute confidence that I am never bored.

As far as lonely – NEVER!  I honestly don’t think I have ever been lonely.  Even when I’m alone, which isn’t very often!, I’m not lonely.  Quite the opposite.  I treasure my rare moments of being alone.  The other morning I took a long early morning walk with my little Fergie and I became very aware of how nice it was to have that half hour of quiet time all to myself.  It gave me the opportunity to think, organize some ideas in my head, and just not have to talk or listen or do.  Walking alone, or just being alone, is so calming and relaxing.  Poor little Fergie was worn out, though!

So where are you on the Boredom and Loneliness spectrum?  Are you someone that is busy all the time but bored?  Or are you someone that doesn’t necessarily take on a lot of activities but yet you wouldn’t consider yourself bored at all?    And are you surrounded by people but are still lonely?  Or are you alone quite a bit and yet don’t think of yourself as ever being lonely?


What makes the difference?  A lot of it could just be who you are.  Your own natural tendency and personality.  But I have found that there are some common traits in those that are never bored.  That would be Passion.  If you have a love and a passion for whatever it is you are doing or experiencing, you can’t possibly be bored.  If you have a hobby or an interest, then throw yourself into it.  Study it, become good at it, become an expert, experiment with it, learn and practice all there is to know and do about it.

One of the common traits in those that are never lonely is Self Love and High Self Esteem.  I don’t mean self love in a conceited way, but in a way that you are content and happy with who you are.  Self Acceptance may be a better term.   You enjoy your own company.  You enjoy your time alone with yourself.  But you have to love yourself first, otherwise you won’t want to be alone with someone you don’t like.

Age has fine tuned these traits in me.  My problem now is reigning in the Passion and Self Love/Acceptance.  I have so many interests that I love, and I wish I had more time alone and all to myself.  Everything in balance and moderation, even this.

Now, back to my knitted beaded jewelry making!

My new passion and obsession. I’ll probably be up until 1:00 a.m. working on my newest project.   I’m really working on the balance and moderation part!

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  1. Ugochi

    Congratulations Nina! You deserve it!

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