Jun 13

Obedience, rediscovered: Part 2.

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This is the second entry of a three-part series on the Benedictine vows of Stability, Obedience, and Conversion of Life. Part One regarding Stability can be found here.

Part 2

“The third degree of humility is that a person for the love of God submit himself to his superiors in all obedience, imitating the Lord, of whom the Apostle says, ‘He became obedient unto death.’”  – “On Humility” chapter 7, The Rule of St. Benedict 

Coincidentally, my Rule reading for today is about obedience to my superiors and to God.

I think I know what obedience is and I would even go as far to classify myself as an obedient person. I do what I’m told and I’m usually quiet about it. I’m not a fan of rule breaking and wreaking havoc. However, as much as I’d like to think I’m obedient, I still struggle with spiritual obedience. In the Company of Jesus, postulants, novitiates, oblates, and full members are required to pray two offices a day.

Easy, right? No.

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