Mar 09

“Trash” by Kristin Bridgman of Ponderings by Kris


by Kristin Bridgman

I smiled today as I threw the trash out. Why you might ask? Let me explain.

We have a large, black, plastic trash can with a lid in the garage, just off the kitchen. The inside is always lined with a plastic trash bag that gets pulled over the lip of the can.  The trash goes INTO the bag.  Well…not always.  When my son and husband throw trash in, they just open the lid and toss without looking.  I always look to make sure the trash gets into the bag. This might have something to do with my perfectionism, which I’m trying to let go of just a little.

Or it could just be that I’m normal in wanting trash inside the trash bag.  Anyway, sometimes something heavy will be thrown in and the bag will come off of the lip of the can and become crumpled.  When my guys just toss without looking, if that bag has come off, trash just piles up on top of the bag and when I come along, I have to take all that trash off by hand and insert it into bag.  This can be unpleasant at times depending on what the trash is. It’s always been frustrating to me wondering why grown men cannot get trash into the trash bag.  Gggrrrrr…

But just a few weeks ago, we had a small scare.  My husband found a lump that was quite disturbing.  After all the googling on this kind of lump, the diagnosis did not sound good.  And when the doctor said we need to look further into this, I got a little worried and went into my prayer closet.  Praise the Lord, it only ended up being a fatty cyst and we were told it was nothing to worry about.  Nothing had to be done.  Again, Praise the Lord!

I have to tell you though, while waiting the week to find out what the news on this lump would be, I began to see things a little differently, one thing being the trash.  Would I rather have the trash pristinely in the trash bag and not have my husband around or would I rather have him around and have the trash, well, trashy.  Seems like an absurd question until the security of your mate being around becomes endangered. 

I like my home clean and tidy and trash in the trash bag, but not at the expense of being alone.  This sounds silly, but before, it used to be such an irritation to see the trash on top of the bag, clothes on the floor, candy wrappers left on the coffee table, socks in the floor inches away from the laundry basket, dirty glasses and dishes sitting on top of the dishwasher instead of inside the dishwasher.  Can grown men not do these simple tasks? 

Maybe, but I’m not going to care anymore.  One of the ways I can show love is to pick up after my men with a smile and feel so very blessed that they are with me to share this life with.  Life can get messy and my husband has always been there with me through it all. 

So I will be with him through his messiness of the house…the trash. After all, he works hard to provide for us and it’s my job to make our house a home. I never wanted to do anything else but that. So I pick up with joy whatever is not supposed to be on the floor, on the tables, and put trash that is sitting on top of the trash bag inside the trash bag.

 Remember the Proverb, “Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife” ?  Well, I don’t want my husband up there on the roof, I want him inside with me. So toss away honey, if it lands in the bag, woo-hoo!  And if it doesn’t, I love ya anyway.

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