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March Book Give-Away: Nothing But the Truth by John MacArthur

March Book Give-Away

Nothing But the Truth


John MacArthur

Scripture is clear about the fact that we must be prepared to communicate the truth of the Gospel when given the opportunity – and do it with the right attitude. But even when your tone is gentle and respectful, what, specifically, should you say when asked or confronted about your faith? And what is your overall responsibility to unbelievers as a disciple of Christ?

Pastor John MacArthur responds to these very questions and more – with solid, biblical answers focused in four particular areas:

            * Your attitude

            * Your preparedness

            * The content of your answers

            * Your priority in witnessing

Combining a biblical study of evangelism, a rational defense of Christian beliefs, and a practical approach to evangelism, this book offers a well-rounded perspective that can help you gently and confidently give an answer for the hope you have in Christ.

If you would like to enter the March Book Give-Away at Ruby for Women, please  leave a comment on this post, including your email address. You will be contacted for your mailing address if you are the winner. The drawing will take place on April 1, 2012.


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  1. Taylor Gilmore

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway. Witnessing is an area where I could definitely use a few pointers.

  2. Ann Babcock

    It is presented to us alot at my church in sermons etc. that for
    the christian witnessing is or should be a christians major focus.
    be it word of mouth of example of living we should witness or
    be a witness. I do not do it enough this book would help.

  3. Christena

    Working on my attitude or should I say….I’m letting God change my attitude ! Sounds like a good book.

  4. Amy

    I really enjoyed the March Ruby For Women. It was the first issue I have read since I first came to Ruby For Women just this past month as a new blogger. I love the Vintage Style Crafts, and really liked the article that gives some creative ways to include children with special needs in classrooms and church services.

  5. Gaye

    Thank you for this blog and book give away! I love John MacArthur’s books. God bless you!

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