Mar 12

“Broken Hallelujahs” by Keith Wallis of Wordsculptures

 Broken Hallelujahs*
Broken hallelujahs;
caustic calls of crucify,
the hill christens the dying.
Broken hallelujahs;
thorny prince
with piercing crown.
Broken hallelujahs;
tears, blood, pain
and the shock of nail.
Broken hallelujahs;
at the dawn of eternity
the flag of death is hoisted.
Broken hallelujahs;
eyes close who cannot stare
God shuts out the light.
Broken hallelujahs;
only the tunic relies
on the turn of a dice.
*note: I didn’t know until I googled it but Christian Scharen has written a book called ‘Broken Hallelujahs’. However, the phrase was planted in my head from Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Hallelujah’

Read more: http://wordsculptures-keith.blogspot.com/2012/03/broken-hallelujahs.html#ixzz1ouxAhQfe

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