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Perfect Linens Giveaway

It’s time for a new giveaway from Katherine’s Corner! Every month Ruby for Women has the privilege of joining the fun of a new giveaway, and this month we have the Perfect Linens Giveaway. Hope you can join us!

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Thursday Favorite Things blog hop hostesses

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop

Welcome to the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. We invite you to link up and share your favorite post or a post about your favorite things.

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ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - March 27 2015:A studio shot of a Boo figurine from the Animated Series Monsters Inc. Monsters Inc. is a popular movie series created by Disney Pixar.

“Saving Boo” by Stacy Lee Flury

If you have a teen or young adult caught up in a drug addiction, know that God is powerful through prayer to bring them home too. Don’t give up. Give in to God instead. He is the Anchor you need to hold on to as you pray for your child’s return.

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“She Died Too Young” by Lynn Mosher

With yellow ringlets bobbing across her cheeks, Sarah bubbled through life as a beautiful and funny seven year-old girl. But unfortunately, she suffered greatly from a disease that was unjustly consuming her tiny body.

As Sarah lay in her hospital bed, unconscious, her mother begged the Lord to let her little girl live. Confused as to the condition afflicting her daughter, she cried out, “Why, Lord, why? No child should suffer like this.”

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“What’s Your Title” by Melissa Presser

In the kingdom of God, we try to remain humble. Titles we’re told are worldly and unimportant and self-serving. Many of us throw them away in exchange for humility, thinking they will get in the way of our work for God. We all have titles. Some of us are moms, others are fathers, still others are lawyers or cashiers or teachers. The world pushes us to define ourselves by those titles, to live up to those titles, and many of us so much of the time feel like we’re failing miserably at them.

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“Expect the Extraordinary” Podcast by Kathryn Ross

PODCAST Author and storyteller, Kathryn Ross, invites you to a cozy retreat through the power of His Story! God’s riches in history, the arts, and the glories of Creation, take center stage at The Writer’s Reverie Podcast.

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“Making Upside-Downers: Life” by Connie Chandler

I read a book recently, that brought up a question that I’ve been thinking about a lot… What would life look like if we really believed in the resurrection of Christ? And I’ve come to the conclusion that this – the resurrection of Christ – is the key element in flipping everything upside-down.

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“Are you a failure as a mom?” by Ifeoma Samuel

Get ready to get a bit uncomfortable! One mommy friend of mine drove by my house just the other day. We had quite a conversation. And BOOM! Like the clock had stopped ticking and the whole “time-concept” ceased to exist when she blurted out… “I think I am failing as a mom I am not good enough for my kids” Those words sliced through my heart. If you have you ever said or thought these, then you are not alone and this is for you.

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The Writer’s Reverie with Miss Kathy

Visit The Writer’s Reverie and meet Miss Kathy. Discover Pageant Wagon Publishing, Fable springs Parables, and Clementine Jones!

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Snapshots The Veterans View

“The Veteran’s View” by Kim Lengling

I began this journey of sharing veteran’s stories in 2004. Never thinking that 10 years later there would be a book of those same stories in actual print. Snapshots: The Veteran’s View is now available on Amazon.com at and Barnes & Noble. It is also available from Ruby’s Reading Corner.

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