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SPRING, 2015



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Door Keith Wallis

“Another way in” by Keith Wallis

Another way in,
the lesser way,
the way ‘less travelled’.
The door to utility,
by constant use,

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Don't Blink Carol Peterson

“Don’t Blink” by Carol Peterson

Thank you, Jesus for dying for me just yesterday. Thank you for the thousands of years you will allow me to live in heaven with you.
I’ll try not to blink. I want to live them all with joyful enthusiasm for you.

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Devotions from the Garden by Miriam Drennan Review by Miriam Jacob

“Devotions from the Garden” by Miriam Drennan

God sows His seeds of divine love and goodness in you to help you to blossom and flourish as a Spirit-filled Christian. God is a loving God of mercy, grace, and forgiveness. He plants hope where there is pain, love where there is bitterness, dreams where there is brokenness. Our Lord will grow and produce fruit in you in His name and for His glory.

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“Embracing Struggle” by Maxine Young

It has taken me a long time to embrace struggle. No really, I truly have never appreciated things being so difficult that I have to kick, scream and claw my way to a better place. I would prefer to just be okay and on top of everything at all times, but deep down I know that’s impossible.

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Ingrid Lochamire God's Perfect Plan

“God’s Perfect Plan” by Ingrid Lochamire

I’m excited to see where God goes with this plan of His. I’m also pretty sure He knows I would be willing to chime in, should He need some help moving things forward. But until He calls, it’s hands-off because I’m all on board with letting Him lay out what He wants to do with this final quarter of my earthly life.

“Lord, just don’t let me sabotage your Perfect Plan.”

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Shepherd and sheep

“Find your Flock” by Angie Hiskitt

God repeatedly places us in the midst of a ‘flock’. He puts us where He wants and needs us to be. What is your flock? A pastor’s flock is obvious, some are more obscure. Who are you around all day? Your family is definitely a flock. You may think ‘well, I made this decision without God, I got myself into this mess, it wasn’t God who put me here’ – hahahhahahahahhahaha! God is in everything, and He has a beautiful habit of making Satan’s work turn into His own work! Recognize where you are, recognize your work, and recognize your flock!

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Inspire by Kim Lengling

“Inspire!” by Kim Lengling

Kim Lengling is a member of the Ruby Blogger Team. Her blog, Embracing our Veterans, offers encouragement, inspiration, and resources for all US military veterans and their families. Her book, “Inspire!” includes 25 empowering stories from inspired women featuring Kim Lengling from Conneaut Lake, PA. This inspirational book includes insightful wisdom from women who’ve accomplished …

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Jesus calling Kelly Bowden

“The Holy Spirit is Calling You” by Kelly Bowden

Feel the tug on your heart, a nudging that it is true
The Holy Spirit is calling you
Set aside everything, you know He’s leading
He draws closer the more you are seeking

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Psalm 10 Heather King

“Does God Listen When We Pray?” by Heather King

God doesn’t tune us out or ignore us.

Psalm 10:17 says,

“Lord, you have heard the desire of the humble; You will strengthen their hearts. You will listen carefully” (HCSB).

He listens. Not distractedly, absentmindedly, or halfheartedly.

God listens “carefully” to the desire of the humble.

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“Special, but the Same” by Connie Chandler

So build bridges. Seek to understand, humble your attitude, find a common ground, extend a hand of true compassion, wash some dusty feet. And continue to walk along that bridge in the direction of the God who loves us all – who made us all special, and yet the same.

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