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SUMMER, 2015

SPRING, 2015


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Bandaids Fix Everything Heather King

“Band-Aids Fix Everything” by Heather C. King

Maybe it wasn’t even the Band-Aid my kids needed; I know this. Perhaps it was the acknowledgement: I see you hurting. I’m tending to this need. I’m not going to leave you here aching alone, wounds sore, pain throbbing.

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God’s Healing Touch by Miranda Hanchar

Since I was born and brought up in a non-Christian family, I practiced all of the rituals according to our doctrines. Since my childhood, my parents taught me all the religious customs, which influenced me badly. I remember those days when my parents would offer prayers especially to one goddess whom they believed was powerful.

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Forbidden Heart Keith Wallis

“The Forbidden” by Keith Wallis

I’m banished beyond the boundary of love; the portrait behind glass prison cell that contains and celebrates, that separates and magnifies, and you become an icon.

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“Friends for a Season” by Ruth O’Neil

Can you remember your first best friend? All of us can think of at least one classmate we considered our dearest friend. For me it was Eileen. We met in first grade and hit it off the very first day. I was the new kid at school and she shared her snack with me. We did everything together at school and away from school. We remained best friends until several years later when her dad’s job transferred him and the family to another city.

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Whispers in the Branches

“Whispers in the Branches” Book Review by Miriam Jacob

“Whispers in the Branches” by Brandy Heineman is a well-crafted Christian novel full of dramatic characters and exciting twists and turns to catch at our heartstrings. As Abby Wells explores hidden mysteries in her family tree, the past unites with the present to give surprising answers and lasting treasures to enjoy.

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Parents praying

“A Parent’s Prayers” by Maxine Young

God closely listens to our prayers. A parent who prays fervently for his or her child is parenting through God’s hands. Please don’t be discouraged; don’t ever feel that God has not heard your prayer. You never know in which way He will work a situation out; God can do things that you can’t even fathom.

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No man is an island

“No Man is an Island” by Lisa Menke

No man is an island. God’s love for us is deeper than we can understand, and his desire is for us to know him fully and trust him with our lives. Even the small things. Lately, I have been reminding myself that in the moments when I’m feeling overwhelmed and unsure, it’s ok…because I may not know what’s ahead, but God does. I am not alone.

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Carol’s Book Club with Carol Peterson, Author

Ruby for Women is partnering with Carol Peterson, author, on a new project. Carol’s Book Club will feature monthly book reviews and offer opportunities for you to read along and share your thoughts of each book that is featured.

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Jesus Walking on Water

“I Did Not Choose To Be A Leader, But Follow Me” by Ingrid Lochamire

There is no denying this truth — to be Christ-like means I must also be a leader. How do I do that on days when it’s hard to put one foot in front of the other? And besides, who would follow when I seem to be going nowhere, when I appear to be lost?

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trusting God

“Overpower Disappointment” by Angie Hiskitt

God has a plan for me this summer, even if it is as simple helping others who need a boost. That is what Christ wants us to do, what he has taught us to do – to show love – to think of others and not just ourselves. Jesus has taught us how to live, He has also taught us how to love. Jesus can help us overpower disappointment – He has overcome the world!

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