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SPRING, 2015



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I am a child of God

“Spiritual Adoption” by Donna B. Comeaux

Some of us can trace our genealogy as far back as two hundred years. It’s fun to go on these fact-finding adventures. While going through your genealogy, did you discover an adopted son or daughter? How did that make you feel? Did you feel some resentment over the fact that a member of your family isn’t really a member of your family; not by blood anyway. Well, we too have been adopted, spiritually adopted, through the blood of Jesus. And with this blood-stained, spiritual adoption comes an inheritance.

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“Fighting the Battles of Life with Joshua-like Faith” by Tai East

As I read today’s focal passage it made me think about how much greater the quality of our lives could be if we all possessed that same unwavering faith in our HEAVENLY FATHER that Joshua had taken to battle with him that day. What would the reflection of our lives mirror if we never questioned or doubted THE LORD’S PRESENCE and power in our lives, but entered HIS PRESENCE wholeheartedly trusting and believing that what ever we ask of HIM in faith, HE would liberally and graciously provide?

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Christie Browning March 2015

“Forget the Guilt” by Christie Browning

Tell me if this sounds familiar — You get focused and sit down at your computer to get some much needed work done. Suddenly, your mountain of laundry grows a set of arms and legs, walks out of your laundry room and proceeds to prance in front of you, taunting you with guilt and obligation

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Edith Stein Vintage Melissa Presser

“The Art of Christ” by Melissa Presser

Yesterday my beautiful and lovely blogging sister Kim wrote a heart-felt and amazing piece on why she quit devotionals. I resonated with the piece as I have been seeking a deeply spiritually fulfilling place myself, and have found that so much reading in the evangelical Christian world is as fluffy as the Easter Bunny himself.

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