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Mitzy and the Trouble with Bubbles Aaron Field

“Mitzy and the Trouble with Bubbles” by Aaron Field

Mitzy’s first adventure. Mitzy and her little brother Mika learn that a few bubbles can go a long way.

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Intentional Living

“Intentional Living” by Grace Esedeke

We are faced with dozens of choices each day– some not so big, some really big. From choosing what or what not to eat, to whether or not to wear a certain dress for a meeting, to whether or not to go to church, to where our kids ought to school, our world is full of options- for both the Christian and the non-christian.

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“Happily Never After” by Jonathan Lawrence

This article is the first in a series written by a husband and father, who has had the courage to share his true story of marital struggles. Our prayer is that his words and his story will be a blessing to our readers, and be a reminder that God can take all of our broken pieces and bring hope, restoration, and redemption if we trust Him with our hearts.

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“The Gatekeeper’s Key” Podcast by Kathryn Ross

One day, Weaver ventures into the marketplace where words and tapestries are traded. There, in the midst of so many tales, stands the Gatekeeper. The Master Story-Weaver himself! Other eager weavers reach out to him in a flood of their tales. Some limp about, tripping over their words for all the loose threads and yarns, falling flat on the ground before him. Others push and shove, assertively staking a claim by his side, petitioning for a key that they might know the opportunities on the other side of the gate.

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“Blinded by the Light” by Alisha Ritchie

As I speak the words, we round a curve as the sun gleams in full force. I adjust the visor to hopefully hide the sun but to no avail, I am completely blinded by the illuminating force in the sky. I put on my brakes, panicking, because I cannot see anything in front of me. The horizon ahead is just a blur of glowing, bright light. My palms grow sweaty as I grip the steering wheel tighter.

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I am Elizabeth book cover

“I am Elizabeth” by Carol Peterson

As we look at Elizabeth’s life, we’ll ask her to tell us her story. We will also ask God to show us how He sees us as He might have seen Elizabeth. When we understand how we are like Elizabeth and what lessons we can learn from her life, we will recognize how God might see His other women of faith.

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“I Give You My Heart” by Tai East

Ezekiel 36:26 NIV- I will give you a new heart and put a new SPIRIT in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

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Your Little is Enough

“More than Enough” by Ifeoma Samuel

Many times we wonder if what we have is good enough or if we can actually measure up. The feeling of being inadequate may deter us from actually pursuing our God- given dreams.

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“Desperate Parents” by Stacy Lee Flury

When you see your child hurting, you as the parent only want the pain to go away. Maybe you have tried other methods to help erase the deep agony that your child is in. Not finding the way to ease their pain, you take matters into your own hands. Desperation can so easily lead to a distorted approach in finding healing.

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“Hope!” by Lynn Mosher

Hope…sometimes stuck in our finite brains as wishful thinking, as a “pie in the sky” kind of thing, but……hope is not wishful thinking!

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