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Mission Possible


“Not According to Plan” by Helen D. Ellis

My husband Andrew was hospitalized for 10 days recently.  He was in excruciating pain upon arrival, and after examination and tests, the doctors arrived at a diagnosis and developed a treatment plan.  But, life is full of things that don’t go according to plan. The infection in Andrew’s foot spread throughout his body and the …

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“The Power of Loving Well” by Carol Doyel

God has been moving powerfully in me lately, stirring my heart, tenderly revealing deep things to me – sadly some of the things that He has revealed in me are not so good. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about condemnation – but in His loving-kindness, he has drawn me to repentance for …

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“Celebrate the USA Flag Waffles” by Michele Brosius

Are you going to be celebrating the birth of our great country with a bang? We found a great way to celebrate the USA with these fun and tasty Flag Waffles. Heat up your waffle irons and make these cute patriotic waffles for breakfast on the 4th of July or any day! Don’t have a waffle …

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“Winter Will Pass” by Linda M. Crate

Winter this year seemed eternal. It kept snowing all the way until the end of May. The daffodils got bowed over and my favorite flowering trees blossoms partially died because of the weather. It seemed the more I was looking forward to spring, the longer it would take to arrive. Yet the flowers and the …

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reVision Blog Header

“Help! I’ve Got No Room to Breathe” by Christie Browning

Recently, I wrote the following in my journal: “I am far beyond being stressed. I feel lost…without focus or a plan. I don’t like that feeling. I feel like I’m suffocating and about to run out of air, but there’s no room to breathe. I feel attacked on all fronts. I feel like someone has …

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“A Rant on the Red, White, and Blue” by Kathryn Ross

Red, white, and blue are the ONLY colors I’m flying in any flag to represent the United States of America. Our nation’s title is quite the oxymoron in these current days of manipulated divisions and contrived crisis. In addition to sense and reason, patriotism is politically incorrect. Helter-Skelter headlines terrorize and confuse the masses, eroding hard-won foundations by the …

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b-u-t-fully u-nique

“Be-YOU-tifully YOU-nique Embracing who you are; Wear Whatever You’re Comfortable In” by Mary Dolan Flaherty

When I was nineteen, my boyfriend invited me to a party. I didn’t know anyone, and I worried about what to wear. After all, this was California, and the protocol could be different from that of New Jersey. I desperately wanted to be liked. He told me to wear whatever I felt comfortable in— which …

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Footprints in the Mud

“Footprints in the Mud: Heart Band-Aids” by Beth Brubaker

  A car manufacturer is going to start installing an alert system in their vehicles to let the driver know if the driver left their child in the backseat. Sounds like a good idea- after all, parents who leave a child unattended in their vehicle has caused the death of many children. So when people …

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“Filled with Glory” by Lynn Mosher

No room for Moses. God gave Moses an enormous job: to build the tabernacle in the wilderness. Following very explicit directions for structuring the tabernacle, Moses fulfilled all God’s commands. When Moses finished it, “Then a cloud covered the tent of the congregation, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle…And Moses was not …

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“Managing Your Fears with the Help of God” by Stan Popovich

Dealing with fear and anxiety can be very difficult. As a result, using the help of God can be very effective in managing your fears. With this in mind, here are some suggestions on how a person can use the help of God in his or her own struggles. The first step a person should …

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