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Ruby for Women, Spring, 2014


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The Hundredfold Gift and Courtney’s Senior Project by Theresa Begin

My pastor recently gave a wonderful Sunday teaching, as he usually does. But, what came out of this particular Sunday, really hit home with me.

He started out by asking if there was anyone who had less than $10 with them who would be willing to give him one of their dollar bills. He made a point of saying that we “wouldn’t be getting it back.”

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Ruby for Women, Spring, 2014

The spring issue of the Ruby for Women magazine features inspirational articles and stories, craft projects, recipes, poems, and book reviews from the Ruby Writing Team. We would like to invite you to join our team! For more information on submissions for an upcoming issue of the Ruby for Women magazine, please visit our Submissions page. Check out the current issue of the Ruby magazine and you’ll see why we are so honored to have so many amazing writers on our team!

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Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung- Katherines Corner is having a great giveaway. You can enter for your chance to win $300 in cash and prizes! Lets get your spring off to a great start!   Prizes $75 gift card ( in the form of a gift code) from Linen Tablecloth.com $200 Paypal cash from Yours truly and …

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Get Growing

Growing is a Dirty Process by Christie Workman

Gardening reaps great reward. Fresh fruit and vegetables abound when hands get busy working the soil and tending to plants. When all the elements take shape, a lush bounty is harvested and great tastes are enjoyed. All that back-breaking work pays off, and the sweat and blisters from hoeing, weeding and watering are diminished in …

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