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October, 2016



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Mission Possible


“Come Down to Earth and be Still” by Kathryn Ross

We are called to steward our earthly days in His Truth and to choose wisely how we shall live and build on the foundations laid in the moment in history allotted to us.

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Autumn Craft Collection from all around the Blogosphere

With every season there is so much to celebrate! Don’t you just love to bring a touch of the changing seasons into your home? We do, too, so we have gathered up a collection of quick and easy autumn crafts and home décor projects just for the readers of RUBY magazine.

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“Fall Wanders Away” by Rejetta Morse

As fall now wanders far away,
the waterfalls tumble and roar,
pushing through the mountain top
beneath the skies each day.
Around the falls, the bare trees stand,
and spread their leaves over the land.

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Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers Book Review by Carol Peterson

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is the story of a young prostitute during the gold rush days in California. The plot is loosely based on the account of Hosea and Gomer in the Bible. But be forewarned: this is not a light story. It is definitely not a book you can read while sipping your afternoon tea.

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Now accepting submissions for NOVEMBER 2016 RUBY magazine

It’s time to send in your submissions for the NOVEMBER 2016 issue of RUBY magazine!

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“Vacations: Mom vs. Family” by Beth Brubaker

Vacations. The family loves to take them, but the moms? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong- moms do love to go on vacation as much as the rest of the clan, but her idea of a vacation is much different than the husband and kiddos. Let’s use a typical, low-budget family vacation. Camping Family: …

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Favorite Things Blog Hop

It’s time again for Thursday Favorite Things!
I hope you can join us because it is LOTS of fun!
Join us every week as we party and share at the best link party in blog land!

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“Waiting for Grace” by Nina Newton

Some days I amaze myself. And then other days, not so much. I’m guessing we all have days like that. But there is just something about “grace” that seems to make me nervous. It’s almost as if I just can’t believe it’s true. Oh, I know in my head what God’s Word tells me about …

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Hanging Water Garden Giveaway

You are invited to join us for the Water Garden Giveaway sponsored by Katherine’s Corner!
Enter to WIN and make a few new bloggy friends along the way!

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“Why Write?” by Jewell Utt

A peaceful Sunday morning at church turned into a moment of high-alert for many people. A man dressed in a long coat, carrying backpacks and duffle bags, came to rest at our main entrance. Instead of coming directly in, he pulled a large piece of chalk out of his luggage and began writing on the sidewalk of both entryways: “Sinners are damned to Hell.”

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Chili Mac and Cheese Hot Dog Casserole from Marilyn’s Treats

Like Chili Dogs? How about Mac and Cheese? If you can’t decide what’s for dinner why not make both! This Chili Mac and Cheese Hot Dog casserole is a one-pan dish goes from fridge to table in just 1 hour! After running all day and playing taxi driver for the kids you need this dinner in your arsenal. They will gather around the table without an argument and be ready to do homework and crawl into bed in no time.

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Favorite Things Blog Hop / Linky Party “Autumn Dreams”

Every week we have a party! A Linky Party, that is, sponsored by one of our favorite bloggers, Katherine at Katherine’s Corner. This week the theme is “Autumn Dreams,” and we would LOVE to have you join us!

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