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Read “An Unlikely Choice” by Donna Comeaux on the Ruby for Women blog HERE. Take a few minutes to watch this video of a Muslim man who trusted Jesus as his Savior, and how it changed his life.


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A Full Frontal Assault by Christie Workman

  It’s time to get fierce. It’s time to get our game face on and choose to go on the defense against mediocre, half-lived, less than the best attitude on life. It’s time for a full frontal assault on the baggage, barriers and roadblocks that stand in the way, keeping you from the amazing life …

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Abiding Presence

An Abiding Presence by Miriam Jacob

Jesus gives us divine comfort and consolation. We are not left at the mercy of our thoughts and feelings. We rely on Him instead. Jesus is greater than all our trials. We are united even more closely to Him. When we commit everything in our lives to Jesus, He ministers to our hearts. Our lives …

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Make Today Beautiful

Verse of the Morning by Melissa Presser

Psalm 39:6, “We are merely moving shadows, and all our busy rushing ends in nothing. We heap up wealth, not knowing who will spend it.” Do you know people in your life who are constantly busy? Constantly rushing? Are you one of them? What are you so busy about? Even the wrong kind of busy …

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Oswald Chambers

Moving the Trophy off the Shelf by Carol Peterson

In other words, while Jesus does indeed want our lives to be an example of victory through Him, He wants more than that. He wants us to be one with Him. And being one with Him, means living as He did—not sitting in the corner of the Temple (or being a dusty trophy in a showcase) but heading out into the world to witness for Him.

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