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SUMMER, 2015

SPRING, 2015


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“Goats and Forgiveness” by Angie Hiskitt

Are we above the Lord, thinking we are too good to forgive? Un-forgiveness is like a festering wound, it causes pain all around, it poisons, and it can even cause death. As gangrene causes physical death, un-forgiveness can lead to spiritual death. Forgiveness can be hard, but all good and worth-while things are difficult.

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Oswald Chanbers Book

“OZ AND I: Exercising My Will” by Carol Peterson

This morning Oswald Chambers whacked me with the following words: “I cannot give up my will—I must exercise it, putting it into action. I must will to obey, and I must will to receive God’s Spirit.”

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“Feeling Stuck!” by Maxine Young

Is anyone else feeling stuck? Are you stuck in a thought, in a job, or in a life style you seriously no longer care to be in? (Moving on from relationships deserves it’s own post!) No? It’s just me? Hmm.

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Brave Enough July 19 2015

“Brave Enough” by Nicole Unice

Are you scared of the unknown? Be brave enough to be you and to find the courage to become exactly what God intends you to be. Does fear stop you from achieving your God-given destiny or from fulfilling your God-inspired dreams? The true meaning of life is about being able to confront your fears and failures and not to allow them to overwhelm you. Be brave enough to face life with courage and to become an overcomer.

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“Windowlight” by Keith Wallis

Tomorrow looks in on yesterday
as daylight glimpses within,
its torchlight perusing history,
a visitor unshod and silent
in the stone clad room.
And in its rays
pinpricks of glitter-dust
firefly the room,
the minutiae of ghosts.

~ by Keith Wallis

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To Do List July 20 2015

“Just One More Thing” by Ruth O’Neil

God has helped me by nudging me to do “one more thing.” Each day, when I attempt to sit and do nothing, I tell myself, “one more thing” and I find one more thing to accomplish. Then there is that afternoon slump. There are many afternoons I feel like I could simply lay down and take a nap.

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Fan-tastic Giveaway at Katherine’s Corner

Every month there is a new giveaway, sponsored by Katherine’s Corner. This one is just perfect for summer: “Fan-tastic Giveaway” and it’s sure to keep you cool!

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“The Jackhammer and the Chisel” by Beth Brubaker

Sometimes God wants a Chisel. He wants His children to tap away at an unbeliever bit by bit, until he is ready to hear His Word. Sometimes that could take days, weeks, months, or even years. Chisels are patient people, who have the ability to make enough cracks in someones armor so the Light shines through.

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Serving others

“Contagious Camp” by Alisha Ritchie

My daughter, Abby, was supposed to enjoy a week at camp filled with fun, fellowship with friends, and growing in God’s Word. Unfortunately, the week was cut short by an awful, extremely contagious stomach virus. Instead of playing volleyball and swimming, Abby developed a fever and spent much of her time throwing up! This was definitely not the way she wanted to spend summer vacation.

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Life is Loud July 13 15

“Life is Loud” by Philippa Smyth

Life is noisy! It’s busy and it’s fast. There’s always something to be done, people to see, places to go. But in the rush of 21st Century living we need to learn to search out the quiet. We need to give our souls the opportunity to breathe. To find the peace, to find the rest and embrace it.

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