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Ruby for Women, Summer, 2014

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“Why even think about it?” by Angela Hiskitt, Ruby Blogger Team

God will tell you what to write . . . . .

I was lying on the floor after my daily stretching thinking, ‘what should I write about it today?’ I do this a lot before I sit down to type. But I don’t know why. As I was mulling over possible topics or stories or Bible verses and thinking, ‘maybe… or maybe…’ the thought came to me – (more than once I might add), “Why even spend time worrying about it? God always tells you what to write!’.

And it is true, He does.

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“Jesus Crucified” by Kelly Bowden

Blood shed on Calvary for all to be set free – I stand because my Savior lives; I breathe because this life He gives. Jesus Christ the Holy Son; Truth in the Trinity, three in one. I will not move from this rock, this ground – My strength is Him,  the wise I will confound. …

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“A Priceless Gift of Inestimable Worth” by Miriam Jacob

Jesus is love. True love. A most precious gift from God to us. When He pours His love into our hearts, we begin to love Him fervently. The only real happiness in life is loving Jesus and knowing that He loves us. Jesus radiates love. When we love Him, we share in His love. The …

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“Summer Afternoon” by Ruth O’Neil

Ruth O’Neil is a member of the Ruby Blogger Team. Her post “Summer Afternoon” reminds us of childhood joys of summertime. We hope you will enjoy her memories of summer afternoons. “Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” – Henry James The …

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