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SUMMER, 2015

SPRING, 2015


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“Become Saved and All Troubles Will Disappear!” by Miranda Hanchar

“If you become saved, you won’t have troubles or sufferings come your way.” Please be warned…no where in the Holy Bible does it say “No trials nor sufferings included”. That’s a lie! No scripture says that whatsoever.

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1timothy2 June 29 2015

“Mystery of the Missing Dustpan” by Heather King

Pray first. Pray for everything (yes, including the missing dustpan). Pray for everyone. Pray all day. Pray, not for God to make things happen your way, but for God to be at work His way. Just pray.

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It Has Gone June 28 2015

“It has gone” by Keith Wallis

It has gone, the flowing moment, crashing beyond our gleaning. Tumbled white-water; the turbulent tumult and torment, the urgent tyranny of the passing instant.

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Old Violin June 28 2015

“The Touch of the Master’s Hand” by Ruth O’Neil

So often I hear people talking about being inadequate to serve the Lord. We all feel inadequate from time to time, but we have to remember that we ARE inadequate. It’s only through God that we can do what we do. I think that keeps us humble in our serving. Without God we can do nothing.

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come to the Lord June 26 2015

“Come to our Lord” by Miriam Jacob

Come to our Lord
to taste the purity of love
where hope burns brightly,
miracles are born, and faith lives.

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2011.010 Beauty for Ashes

“Beauty for Ashes” by Lisa Menke

Beauty. For ashes. Someone in this equation is getting the raw end of the deal. Particularly when the ashes are as black, as thick, and as consuming as those that covered my life . . .

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FOR FAITH: 1 Peter 2:25 by Carol Peterson

Scripture is filled with references to us as Jesus’ flock of much-loved sheep and to Him as the Good Shepherd. If we are astray, the Good Shepherd may come for us since He desires that none should be lost.

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life-lessons June 26 2015

“Start Here” by Maxine Young

How many things do we attempt, where we should have just taken a step back and started over? So many things keep us from it – the feeling that starting over would set us back somehow, laziness and not wanting to start over, fear of doing something new (although it may be right) and many times, just plain pride. If I start over that would mean I didn’t get it right the first time.

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“Do the Next Thing” by Ingrid Lochamire

When I learned earlier this week of the passing of author Elisabeth Ellliot, a warm rush of gratitude washed over me — gratitude for what her life had taught me and for the joy she must be feeling now that she is reunited with those she loves and is sitting at the feet of Jesus.

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Psalm 86 7

“Storms” by Angie Hiskitt

Even when the winds are careening around you and the waves are crashing into your boat, you can sleep soundly in the arms of Jesus. Pray for His will and trust in the outcome. Follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, calm your brain and listen. Let Him guide you through your storm. Let Him lead you to the calm…

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